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mental health issues

+ scrolling addiction

+ sleep disorders

+ distorted body image

+ eye strain and poor vision

= Typical Instagram Usage

There's a better way

What is InstaGraph? lets you interact with your personal Instagram data in a playfull and fun new way. This is what you get:

🌝 Full Graph

Includes all likes, no matter how far they go back. Drag dots to get better understanding.

▶️ Play Graph

Adds every second 24h to your graph, starting at the beginning. See how it grows!

🪐 3D Graph

Take your graph to the next dimension for next-level immersion.

🪟 Window Graph

Animation of your entire like history while viewing only one week at a time.


Everyone in our team has their personal Instagram account for over a decade, logging in on nearly every day. With all this accumulated data, we decided to create something valuable: InstaGraph was born.

A path to mindfull Engagement

Most people don't know, that they can access their Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc data. And why would they? There was pretty much nothing to do with it.

This is the most interesting thing I've done in a while. Very nice!

Stefan West testimonial for InstaGraph

Stephan West

12 years on IG

See every interaction within seconds.

Everything is connected, so you just tap on the dots directly in your graphs and get redirected 🔴 🟣.


Harness the power of your data today.

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